Anti Icky Poo Reviews and Customer Comments

Anti Icky Poo Reviews / Testimonials

Below are just a few of hundreds of recommendations and reviews we have received over the years.

Experience for your self, Anti Icky Poo and its many effective product applications.

We are the owners of a historic South Beach property – the popular Royal Hotel. One of our retail tenants was an adorable shop that sold pedigreed puppies. Imagine our surprise when they moved out and the smell they left behind was so bad that no one could enter the space without gagging and we received a violation from the city due to the smell wafting out onto the sidewalk. The dog urine had totally permeated the concrete floor. Our crew tried just about everything so that we could re-rent the store, as we were losing $4,000 for every month it was vacant. We tried muriatic acid, bleach, and degreaser. Nothing worked. Then we found out about Anti Icky Poo from our contractor who remembered reading about it in a fishing magazine. After only two treatments, the awful smell was gone and in a few weeks we found a new tenant – a tattoo parlor.

Recently we bought a foreclosure house in Hendersonville, North Carolina, with the same problem. The previous owner gave dogs and cats free reign and they did their business EVERYWHERE. Luckily we had previous experience with this miracle product. Nut with plywood floors, it took more than one application and we had to use wet comforters (from Goodwill) to get the product to absorb deep enough into the floor boards to resolve the problem. Thank you Anti Icky Poo!

– Dr. Judi and Steve Levinson

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for an amazing product. Purchased recently from a local vet, we had to clean an apartment of a lady who had 7 cats, had gotten ill and was in the hospital for a month. After relocating the pets, we used your Anti Icky Poo on corners and in areas that had been repeatedly spoiled. The smell is now going away.

But that’s not the best part. I was removing items from her refrigerator and took out a gallon of milk that was round with gas. Thinking I could empty it in the toilet I slowly loosened the cap when it exploded out of the container all don the front of my pants and on my shoes. After cleaning the floor and toilet area with Anti-Icky-Poo, I sprayed my pants and shoes. I thought they were going to need to be trashed. The next day, when I carefully raised them to smell, I was amazed that there was no odor remaining of the soured milk – just the usual leather smell.

You have my business, what a product. – Pat

Anti Icky Poo is the one we keep coming back to. – Shawn

Anti Icky Poo is the one we’ve recommended for years. Great for cat urine odors and stains!!! – Terry C.

This is the one which really works. It’s called Anti Icky Poo. Anti Icky Poo is a mix of advanced enzyme technology and "friendly" bacteria which actually eat urine proteins and gases. You are right, this stuff is THE BEST! My family tried Anti icky Poo and IT WORKED! We won’t buy from anywhere else but the premier site for Anti Icky Poo they answered all our concerns and gave us a great price… Definitely worth having a bottle in the house at all times!! – The Lashley Family

Not only was the price on this item the lowest I have yet encountered for Anti Icky Poo, the shipment arrived in record time. It was well-packed and arrived in good shape. I would order from this vendor again. Thank you. – Cindy

Anti Icky Poo seems to be working, we had really bad damage done buy our dog, and it has removed all the odor so far. Anti Icky Poo is not only good for removing these smells from carpet but also from upholstery and even concrete. – Martin S.

Anti icky poo really does get rid of everything immediately, took away the smell. You can’t smell it anymore, It’s the best stuff that I have found! – R.T

"Thanks Anti Icky Poo, Our house doesn’t smell any more"

"We recommend anti icky poo to all who are skeptical, it removed the odors from our dog run within days" – Tony V.

"Thank you Sell4Less4u for your quick shipping and low cost products"

"It’s great to find something that really works" – G.B.

"Anti Icky Poo works great, especially with a new litter of kittens" – Tammy and Family.

"Quick and consistent" – Rex T.

"It was great meeting you at the Balloon and Wine Festival in Temecula CA. The information and products you supplied has worked wonders. We hope to see you there again next year" – Again Thank you – John and Sue M.

Your recommendations are appreciated! – Tom R.

My wife loves cats and all I have to say is I love Anti Icky Poo! – Signed More of a dog guy.

We used anti icky poo directly on our pet stained couch and were very pleased. The stain and odor were both gone. – G.B

The injector worked great removing the puppy urine odors from the back seat of my car thank you. I can finally roll up the windows – Jenny

As you recommended I poured anti icky poo directly into our empty trash cans and lightly scrubbed with a broom and all the foul odors are gone. Saved us from having to purchase new trash cans. Thanks – Ryan

I work with disabled adults and at times its difficult to remove bathroom accident odors, diaper odors from waste baskets, urine odors from soiled blankets etc… but after finding Anti Icky Poo I am always sure to have a spray bottle handy at all my clients homes. – thanks for helping Care Right LLC.

It worked very well removing vomit, urine and what ever else gets left behind in our bathrooms. – BJ’s

As a pet kennel, pet boarding owner I always want my facility to smell the best it can, when ever we have an empty cage, transportation vehicle, pet suite we use Anti Icky Poo to remove unwanted waste. – Thankful Owner.

I used Anti Icky Poo inside my Tackle box and it took out all the fish odors, then I tried it inside the holding tanks on my fishing boat and WOW! I am happy. – Carl Dermin.

No matter what we do our new puppy gets so excited she just pee’s… and pee’s. We have learned, well try to keep her of the carpet but coral her in the kitchen on tile and without question Anti Icky Poo removes all the urine and poop odors, and even takes out the yellow stains in the tile grout – Yolanda

We had an uninvited skunk visit of shed last month, something must of spook it cause it sprayed and no one wanted to go in the shed. After braving up the courage, I emptied the shed completelty and used ANTI ICKY POO like a friend had recommended and am glad to say "we have our shed back". – Utah

Anti icky Poo worked wonders removing the bird waste and smells our parakeets leave behind. We spray the cages each time we clean them and they keep coming out like new. – Thanks and Chirps

Ferrets can sometimes leave many fun surprises, but some not so fun. Anti Icky Poo worked great for the surprises we didn’t want to smell. We are happy to recommend AIP to all who are doughtful. – John and Vicki

Removing horse urine odor is not an easy thing to do – but AIP’s urine odor removal system worked with ease – the very first time. – Utah

Thanks for helping us with our odor invested carpet questions, after your recommendations we are back to living in an odor free home. – CA

Wow! We literally sprayed it on and forgot about it and the urine odor was gone! Very cool, Thanks – Brad White

My girlfriend brought her dog over two weeks back and I woke up to the smell of urine somewhere, after searching high and low I finally found the source. I tried two other cleaning products that were in my cabinet but nothing worked, so I went online and called a few places and got very helpful advice from they explained exactly how to remove the urine odor from my carpet and what to use. – Chris

Puppies love’em and hate’em, Anti Icky Poo love’em!!!

Have you thought of using this product for bar floors we tried it as it worked great in the bathroom and it worked awesome – Kelly’s Treasure

Used Anti Icky Poo while cleaning my snake and turtle tanks and it worked, without hassle, I just sprayed it on, let it sit and wiped clean. – Darren Shelby

I used Anti Icky Poo on my garage floor to take out gas odor and the odor was gone after one application. – Tim W.

We found dead rodents in our attic after hunting for the smell for days. The pest were decayed and rotten the smell was strong and reaching into our living areas. After removing the dead rodents we applied Anti Icky Poo to the infected areas and no longer have those horrible smells. Thank you. – Pete and Tara

Great seller and great product! it works really well!

The stuff worked great. Got rid of cat pee smell in my concrete slab.

Product delivered promptly. Excellent seller.

Love it…Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover really works.

Great transaction! Seller meets all the necessary criteria for a 5-star rating. I’d buy from this fine seller again.

Love this seller! Called for extra info, friendly, helpful & knowledgeable. Love the product, works great (6 cats) will use this seller again!!!

Have always received excellent service – will purchase from Jay again.

Item arrived well before est. ship date. Very pleased w/the service & materials included with the product. I will definitely buy from this seller again! Thank you.

I have done business with this seller before, and it is always a pleasure to do business with them. Not a single issue with my order.

Great item! Will not need to waste puppy pads anymore due to leakage.

Anti-Icky Poo is working better then any other product I have every tried.


The transaction went smoothly, and the product arrived in a very timely manner. I was very pleased and I will use them again. Likely soon, as I think I need to order additional Anti Icky Poo.

We didn’t get it on time thru no fault of the seller… It was 200% MY mistake. Jay "fixed" the problem rapidly, courteously in a more than satisfactory manner for me. If all internet merchants were like THIS, rating systems would not be necessary! I cannot speak too highly of this. GREAT PRODUCT it has worked better than advertised for us for over 4 years.

This product is by far the best I have come across. I have a cat urine problem, but this product after a great deal of hot water extraction has eliminated the problem from my carpet.

FAST delivery and it’s just what I needed for a three-cat household!

Sent this set to my daughter, who upon delivery started cleaning her carpets. She was very very happy with them. She was so please she cleaned all her carpets. She tells me her carpets look like new and her house has wonderful fresh smell!

The product arrived quite rapidly from the day I ordered it. I used it immediately, and it seems to be working. In addition, I researched the cost of the product through several web sites, and this seller offered the best price.

I just got it today and sprayed it everywhere in my office. I have three litter boxes in there, and almost immediately all odors were gone. I am a smoker and have already used half a bottle today spraying everywhere in my house. It smells so nice and fresh now. I will be coming back for more of this!

The product does do a good job in killing the smell and has a great fragrance afterwards.

Nice item, just as described; recommended to all! This stuff is the bomb!

Fabulous stuff. Really takes out the odor and does not leave a bad smell from the anti icky poo either!

The Anti Icky Poo Needle is HUGE but, once you get over that, it works very well injecting into carpets.

This is great stuff! It really works. I have tried several other enzyme cleaners and nothing works like this one.

Came right on time. I think our dog is doing it out of spite, now. No problem, this takes care of it.

I just tried the product yesterday and it does seem to be better than the other enzymatic cleaners I’ve used. The dealer delivered the product quickly and in good shape at a fair price.

I like the scent, no chemical smell at all. I’ve used this on a few spots and it seems to take the urine smell away to me. The cats, however, still seem a bit interested in the area. I would recommend this to anyone trying to get rid of stains and smells.

Recommended seller & fast shipping too…

Excellent Seller – great product, fast shipping, great volume discount cost and the best customer service.

This stuff ROCKS! I thought Zero Odor worked better than any other product on the market. Well, Anti Icky Poo has knocked it off its pedestal. GREAT transaction, speedy shipping. – Anonymous User 7/8/09

This is one of the smartest purchases I have made in a long time. I stayed with a friend for a weekend and his cat peed on my bag! I had really expensive sneakers in the bag and thought they were ruined. I tried every household recipe that’s out there – NOTHING worked. In a last ditch effort I purchased Icky-Poo. It took the smell out completely. WOW!

Product was exactly as described, and has cured my cats "behavioral" problems.

Really works. I used this product to help a friend move out of current home. She had a room that had urine stains for on the carpet for months. I tried product on an small area and noticed it worked. Since the room was so bad we had to retreat the area like recommended by Anti Icky Poo and you can not tell she had pets. We also used the carpet injector. Fast, excellent service and shipping.

With 5 mini daschunds, I’ve tried EVERYTHING to remove urine odor and this works!!! Of course, it’s best if you can get it on right after the "pee pee" hits the carpet.

This appears to be great stuff! I got my order when promised, it was well secured and packed. Having stopped the offending behavior, I tried all the pet stain products, even bought a steam cleaner, but the odor returned. I spent the time, made the grid and injected exactly as instructed. After re-treating the surface only once, there is already no odor in the room. Great product, great vendor!

Not only was the price on this item the lowest I have yet encountered for Anti Icky Poo, the shipment arrived in record time. It was well-packed and arrived in good shape. I would order from this vendor again.

This stuff works great! Far better than Nature’s Miracle.

Strange name but this stuff REALLY works! I was at wits end, ready to get rid of the cats when I found this. Not only did it remove the scents (with no smell) on the hardwood floor corners, but it’s actually good to use in the bathroom also. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

This is an odor and stain removal product that REALLY WORKS!!! – K.V.C.

Recommended by Top Veterinarians, Animal Hospitals, Animal Behaviorists, Pet Trainers, Professional Carpet Cleaners, Disposal Stations, Sewage Treatment Plants, Day Care Providers, Convalescent Hospitals, Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Schools, and many other public locations as the best odor and stain removal products on the market TODAY!!

Anti Icky Poo is guaranteed to "get the ODOR and STAIN out or your money back."