How to Brighten Colors in Clothes

How to Brighten Colors in Clothes

Anti Icky Poo is a fantastic product that will eliminate odors caused by organic bacteria. Anti Icky Poo can be used to eliminate odors from clothing and brighten the colors that normally fade in the wash. Anti Icky Poo will eliminate odors such from cigarette smoke, grease, odors caused by factory or industrial by-product.

How to Brighten Colors in ClothesTo eliminate odors, just add 1/2 cup of Anti Icky Poo Scented or Unscented in the tub and let it go to the wash cycle and then stop for 2 minutes, then continue its cycle.

Once applied, the live enzymes will immediately start eating the bacteria that is creating the odor, and will regenerate every 2 minutes. The enzymes are non toxic and not harmful to humans and pets.

18 Inch Blacklight Urine DetectorMake sure to invest in a good blacklight that will allow you to see all the areas that have been infected with urine and bacteria in the surface you are treating.

When purchasing a blacklight, you want to insure to purchase at least an 18″ Long light that plugs into the wall socket and not a hand held battery operated type, since they are not efficient to see the contaminated area’s without having to get on your hands and knees.