How to Remove Pet Odors from Concrete

How to Remove Odors from Concrete

Concrete is a very porous substance, Urine can penetrate deep into concrete in very little time.

We have seen urine travel up to 12 inches deep in a concrete slab.

In order to completely remove the source of the urine from concrete you need to penetrate to the deepest contamination. First remove any solid waste from the surface and hose down with water to remove any residue.
How to Remove Odors from Concrete
how to remove odors from concrete

The for first time use, apply solution 100% full strength, any additional applications you can dilute up to 2 to 1 ( 2 parts water – 1 part solution). When treating make sure you let infected area’s puddle so that the solution leaches down into the concrete (concrete surfaces are very porous), allow Anti Icky Poo to sit for 48 hours (even though the product will dry, the enzymes are still alive living in their own environment), After 48 hours you can re-apply if necessary (concrete and very porous surfaces may require several treatments due to the amount of concentrated urine in the treated surface.

18 Inch Blacklight Urine DetectorMake sure to invest in a good blacklight that will allow you to see all the areas that have been infected with urine and bacteria in the surface you are treating.

When purchasing a blacklight, you want to insure to purchase at least an 18″ Long light that plugs into the wall socket and not a hand held battery operated type, since they are not efficient to see the contaminated area’s without having to get on your hands and knees.