Restaurant Cleaning and Odor Removal Products

Restaurant Odor Removal Products

Restaurant Odor Removal ProductsAnti Icky Poo has been used in restaurants for years. The live enzymes are non toxic not harmful to humans. This non-hazmat and safe solution can be used on tables, counters, floors, bathrooms etc. to keep those area’s clean and free from odor caused by organic bacteria.

Many bars use Anti Icky Poo to keep their bathrooms free of urine smell, by spraying on all tile surfaces and urinals. Once applied, the live enzymes go right to work and even though the solution dries, the enzymes are still alive eating and digesting the bacteria that is creating the odor. It’s great for those smelly trash cans and ditsy dumpsters along with grease traps. You can spray on the smelly surfaces and within minute the odor starts to dissipate. This is one of the only products that will eliminate odors for good.