Animal Urine and Feces Removal Solution

Animal Urine and Feces Removal Solution

Anti Icky Poo removes odors from all type of wild life be it from urine, waste, feces and or decay.

Great for removing odors from mice, racoons, snakes and other animals that have taken over a shed, barn or garage.

Odors from animal decay are also one of the many useful applications for Anti icky Poo as some of these concerns may have not been located for a long period of time soiling the surface over months, but with our cleaning solution these extremely difficult to remove odors will be permanently removed (large areas may require a few applications) but be assured the odor will be consumed with this amazing product.

Not all wild life animals are unwanted but most will defecate at will, so if those smells left behind are interrupting your stay in your peaceful cabin, or on your serene porch Anti Icky Poo will work wonders on dirt, grass and even concrete.

Leading Animal Waste Odor Removal ProductOther useful applications include around animal pens, inside stables, barns, metal transportation vehicles and training areas as its proven 95% of odors created from organic substances in a state of decay will be permanently eliminated with Anti Icky Poo.

Recommended by top veterinarians, rescue groups, trainers, farmers, zoo’s and other entities working with wild life as the best animal urine odor remover on the market, a solution to eliminate smells forever and to not return is what sets us apart, we guarantee it or your money back.

As the leading distributor of Anti Icky Poo products would also like to extend our knowledge and would be happy to answer any questions you may have and be sure to visit our “how to remove odor videos” for step by step instructions.

Fun Fact: Did you know their are estimates stating as many as 8,700,000 different species live on earth.