Bird Waste and Cage Odor Removal Products

Bird Waste and Cage Odor Removal Products

Unwanted bird waste is a common concern in and around home cages, public eating areas, restaurant patios as well at dump sites, recycling centers, and other trash dispensing locations.

Over time bird droppings can leave a very distinct odor which will permeate the surrounding location with an undesirable musk, but with Anti Icky Poo you will be able to take the smell away from bird cages, houses, feeders and other areas such as from cement, wood and metal tables and window sills emanating the odor.

Remove Bird OdorsEngineered to consume the source of the liquid and or solid bird waste Anti Icky Poo will digest the root of this concern and eliminate the smell to not return. All of our products are organic and environmentally safe for wild life and home use applications.

We encourage you try this leading bird waste cleaning solution with our money back guarantee.

Fun Fact: 8,600 spices of birds are estimated in the world, with roughly 650 residing in the United States.