Best Cat Urine Odor Removal Solution

Best Cat Urine Odor Removal Solution

Anti Icky Poo will permanently remove urine odor and stains left behind from cats and kitten alike.

Cats will sometimes leave odors from spraying/marking as they mature, these natural messages to other felines will leave unwanted odors and are difficult at times to locate, unlike urine and waste commonly found on floors and flat surfaces, markings will be on vertical surfaces such as walls, drapes, furniture and other areas off the ground. This small amount of urine can easily be removed with Anti Icky Poo, simply locate the soiled area and apply our odor solution and within minutes the odors source will have been consumed.

Best Cat Odor Removal ProductAnti Icky Poo removes odors and stains from carpet, furniture, walls, bedding, drapes, tile, wood floors, clothing, fabrics and even concrete, our proven cleaning solution also works wonders inside cat kennels, cages, around bathroom areas (litter boxes), traveling creates, cabs, bag carriers and many more. All Organic and Environmentally safe keeping your cat and family away from harsh and harmful chemicals.

Recommended by feline veterinary specialists, pet hospitals, cat breeders and mothers alike as the most effective cat urine, waste, feces odor and stain remover on the market.

We have been permanently removing smells / odors from cats of all breeds for over 25 years and are certain you will be amazed on how easily cat urine odors can be permanently eliminated.

Fun Fact: Cat urine glows in the dark when utilizing a black light (this is a great tool for finding those hard to locate urine odors).