Fish Waste Odor Remover – Fish Decay Removal!

Eliminate Fish Waste Odors

Anti Icky Poo will remove odors created from fish waste and decay.

Great for restaurants, home kitchens, fish sinks, fishing boats, fish containers, holding tanks tackle boxes, poles, coolers, fish storage tanks, trash cans, clothes, fishing jackets, fish pails and many other areas contaminated with fish odors and smells.

Remove Fish OdorsFun Facts:

  1. During the Roman Empire, fish were brought in from the sea for indoor pets. They were called Sea Barbel. which were stored under the beds of residents in marble tanks.
  2. Approximately 50 years later, the introduction of glass panels were in place and replaced the marble tanks that were heavy and not opaque to see through.
  3. There are over 15 million households that have fish aquariums.
  4. You will see many dental offices with fish tanks so to reduce anxiety in their patients.
  5. The name of people that study fish are called “Ichthyologists”.