Horse Urine, Waste, Decay Odor Remover!

Remove Stubborn Horse Odors

Anti Icky Poo, both Scented and Unscented is amazing for farm and ranch animals urine and feces odor issues. Our products are specially formulated with live enzymes that will digest the bacteria that creates the odor. Keeping down the smell of Feces and Urine around the facility is a problem, but by using our product, it will keep the smell to a very minimum. You can use this product with the assurance that it will not harm your animals, pets, or humans. There are no harmful chemicals, toxic or hazmat materials in this solution, just live Enzymes that regenerate themselves every 20 minutes. This product has been used in Farrowing Houses, Paddocks, Stables etc. with the comfort of knowing that both, the product works and is safe.

Remove Horse Urine, Waste, Decay Odor from Barns, Stables, Corrals, Transportation Vehicles, Stalls, Saddles, Walls and even Concrete.

Horse Odor Removal ProductsFun Facts:

  1. Horses have the largest eyes than any other land animal.
  2. The fact that Horses are color blind is not true, they do see in color, however they do have an issue seeing purples and violets.
  3. Although very intelligent, horses teeth take up more area than their brain.
  4. Horses hooves are made up of the same protein as human hair and fingenails.
  5. Buffalo Bill Cody was well know as a horseman and entertainer, he also bred Shetland ponies.