Permanetly Remove Kitten Urine and Waste Odors

Permanetly Remove Kitten Urine and Waste Odors

Bringing a kitten home for the very first time is a very exciting day, be prepared to play and laugh the whole day through.

Kittens have an amazing ability to seamlessly blend right into any family with relative ease but their will be a learning curve during the potty training stage, patience, praise and Anti Icky Poo are key during this period. To enjoy your new kitten you will be best served to have a proven odor removal solution at your fingertips for those unexpected accidents be it from urine, waste, spraying/marking to fur balls, vomiting and other concerns.

Kitten Urine and Odor RemoverAnti Icky Poo allows you to quickly and easily remove odors from carpet, furniture, walls, bedding, drapes, tile, wood floors, clothing, fabrics and even concrete making the potty training process as painless as possible so you can spend more time playing then less time cleaning.

Our products 100% Organic and Environmentally safe assuring your kitten and family members are safely away from harsh and harmful chemicals.

Be prepared to remove those unwanted odors and stains with Anti Icky Poo kits, complete packages to remove small to the most stubborn kitten fecal matters.

Fun Fact: The more you speak to your kitten, the higher likely hood he or she will speak back.