Cleaning Up Puppy Urine and Waste

Cleaning Up Puppy Urine and Waste

Anti Icky Poo was conceptualized around addressing this specific and common household concern. As avid pet lovers, puppies are a lifelong integral part of our family and as they develop their is a high likelihood of bathroom accidents through-out the potty training period of a puppies life. These accidents can include urinating and defecating on carpets, bedding, tile floors, couches, rugs and many other areas where your puppy socializes. These types of accidents should be expected but result in odors emanating from the source of the waste.

Puppy Odor Removal SolutionWith Anti Icky Poo at your side you can quickly and permanently remove all of these odor concerns by simply applying Anti Icky Poo as a guaranteed cleaning solution to remove smells left behind from puppies of all ages.

Many great uses for Anti Icky Poo during the puppy training stages include: on carpets, fabrics, wood floors, tile, concrete, rugs, inside potty training cages, on car seats from trips to the dog park, inside pet carriers and many other areas as your puppy becomes acclimated to your home and proper edict taught by trainers and families alike.

Eliminating puppy urine and waste odors with Anti Icky Poo will change the way you clean and make the potty training processes much more manageable so you can enjoy your quality time with family, friends and your new found puppy pal.

Anti Icky Poo has been removing puppy urine and feces odors for over for over 25 years and we back all our products with a 100% odor removal money back guarantee.

Fun Fact: A puppy chasing his or her tail may be lonely and will be appreciative of your attention.