Remove Odors from Kennels, Dog Houses and Cages with Anti Icky Poo

Removes Odors from Kennels and Cages

“Since 1984” Anti Icky Poo has been removing odors from inside Kennels, Dog Houses, Cages, Dog runs, Exercise pens, Sleeping areas, Kennel mats, Strollers, Car seats to Traveling creates, Cabs, Rolling dens, Bag carriers and many more.

Remove Odors from Kennels and CagesFun Fact:

While most dogs love to fetch sticks and play hide and seek, Lassie was different. Anyone who has seen the hit 1950s TV show knows that fetching humans was Lassie’s favorite sport, especially when she was dragging Timmy or Paul, Timmy’s dad, back to the scene of a catastrophe.

8 Fun games for kids and dogs:

  1. Fetch: Use the same item every time when playing fetch (i.e. ball, toy, stick etc.) so that the pet knows what is expected.
  2. Tug of war: A great way to build muscular strength for your pet.
  3. Blowing bubbles: What a great way to have your dog or cat to chase around while getting their exercise. They even make flavored bubbles made especially for dogs. Flavored bubbles are not soapy and will not create issues with your dog or cats stomach.
  4. Frisbee tricks: Another great way for your pet and child to interact and getting exercise at the same time.
  5. Hide and seek: Have your child put a treat in their hand and instruct the dog to “Stay” (hopefully the pet has mastered this already) once the child had hidden in another room, have them call out the pet and once the pet has found the child, let the pet have the treat.
  6. Pet tricks: You can teach you dog how to “shake”, “dance”, “roll over” or “howl” and is a great way for your dog and child to interact and spend quality time.
  7. Finding the toy: Hiding a toy teaches your pet several valuable tools. They learn to sit and stay on command, searching skills and names for different items.
  8. Soccer: A soccer ball is great fun for both your child and pet. Your child can teach his pet to chase and push a soccer ball around the yard and at the same time, getting the ample amount of exercise necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind.