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Rodent Waste and Decay Odor Removal

Remove rodent waste, decay, urine and odors with Anti Icky Poo from cages, kennels, creates, carriers, bedding, walls, flooring and more.

WARNING: When cleaning up rodent waste and urine there are very infectious viruses associated with this type of waste and must be dealt with cautiously. Remember to always use glove when working to clean up this type of issue. It is recommended that you ware a ventilator or mask when working in a confined area. ANTI ICKY POO will get rid of that nasty smell by the enzymes digesting the bacteria to rid the smell safely and permanently. In some cases, you will need to soak the area a couple times, waiting 2 days between treatments since rodents do urinate a lot of liquid in a small area.

Rodent Odor RemovalFun Facts:

  1. The Bubonic Plague are carried by fleas and transmitted by, normally by rodents including the rat.
  2. The lifespan of a rat is 2 to 5 years.
  3. Rats have very poor eye sight but have very good sense of smell.
  4. The largest rats are the African giant pouched rates weighing 2 -3 lbs and grow to a length of 25 to 36 inches.
  5. Rats use their tails to regulate their body temperature and also to communicate for balance.