Skunk Odor Removal

Skunk Spray

Anti Icky Poo, both Scented and Unscented is formulated to eliminate Skunk Spary off your cloths or any porous material. Removing Skunk Spray has always been a problem and being many home made solutions that don’t work, Anti Icky Poo will remove the odor. You don’t need to use tomato juice or vinegar to try to remove the odor, you just simply spray directly onto the item and let sit for 20 minutes, then drop it into your wash. There is now a solution to get rid of odors that you never thought possible.

Remove Skunk Spray OdorsFun Facts:

  1. Skunks are of the weasel family.
  2. The liquid that the skunk sprays is yellow in color.
  3. The skunk can spray up to 12 feet from their attacker, and can spray up to 20 feet when the wind is in their favor.
  4. When a skunk sprays (they have enough liquid to spray from 4-5 powerful times), it take up to 10 days for the skunk to have enough liquid to spray again.