Turtle and Tortoise Waste Odor Removal Products

Turtle and Tortoise Waste Odor Removal Products

No matter if you have a Turtle in a glass tank with water or a Tortoise roaming your yard and patio Anti Icky Poo will remove all those unwanted odors.

Feeding your turtle and or tortoise can sometimes leave vegetable and or fruit exposed for hours to the elements which can soil the feeding area and leave undesired odors and stains, Anti Icky Poo works wonders on removing smells from spoiled vegetables and fruit most commonly used to feed your pet.

Remove Turtle Waste OdorsTake the smell away from those unexpected surprises left around the house, remove all odors during the tank and cage cleaning process, as well from plastic and metal turtle and tortoise transportation carriers.

Anti Icky Poo is guaranteed to remove turtle waste dropping odors as well as smells from spoiled and rotting fruits and vegetables, all odors from carpets, rugs, cement, furniture, fabric, wood floors, tile, metal, plastic and even glass will be removed or your money back!

Fun Fact: Did you know their are approximately 300 species of turtles and some have the ability to out run a human.