Clean Toilets, Porta Pottties, Portable Toilets, Out Houses and more.

Clean Toilets and Porta Potties

Anti Icky Poo is wonderful for bathrooms, you know when little boys miss the toilet and it runs down and onto the floor, then hours later you discover the smell. Anti Icky Poo will eliminate that issue within minutes, just spray the infected area, let sit for a few minutes and wipe up. Anti Icky Poo is non-toxic and not harmful to your family, pets or the environment. The live specially formulated enzymes will go to work on contact, digesting the bacteria that creates the odor and will live up to 2 days even when the solution dries as they eat the bacteria that is causing the odor which is their food source. Enzymes are a part of nature and can be used to correct many environmental issues in our society. They are usually altered to be used in many safe and effective products like Anti Icky Poo.

Clean-ToiletsMany restaurants use Anti Icky Poo in their high traffic restrooms because of the concentration of urine. Bars and restaurants that have nightly entertainment have an excess of patrons and causes terrible odors from urine. They use Anti Icky Poo and resolve that issue, by spraying before and after the high traffic, Anti Icky Poo eliminates the odor throughout the night.

Anti Icky Poo will Remove Urine and Feces Odors from Toilets, Porta Potties, Portable Toilets, Out Houses, Septic tanks, Holding tanks and more.

Clean Porta-PottiesPorta-Potties:
Anti Icky Poo is a great product to use for porta-potties to hold the odor down especially on those hot muggy days. Because there is such a large concentration of urine and feces, the odor can get quit overwhelming and holding down the odor is difficult. With Anti Icky Poo you don’t have to worry about hurting the environment since there are no harmful chemicals or solvents in the solution.

This product is non-toxic and non-hazmat and will not have any ill-effects to humans or animals. Enzymes are part of nature and are not a threat to the environment, therefore they are completely biodegradable and dissipates when they die off.