Kitchen and Bathroom Odor Removal and Cleaning Products

Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning ProductsAnti Icky Poo odor remover can be used in bathrooms and kitchens. It is a non-toxic, non-hazmat and safe solution that can be used and not harm you family or pets. It’s live enzyme solution will digest the bacteria that creates the odors in your bathroom and kitchen. Just spray the solution on any surface and wipe it off. The live enzymes will live up to 2 days even when the solution dry’s. The enzymes live in their own environment digesting the bacteria that causes the odors safely and effectively.

Anti Icky Poo is a fantastic product that will eliminate odors caused by organic bacteria. Anti Icky Poo can be used to eliminate odors that occur in your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

If you have a double sink, just add (1) cup to each sink and let stand overnight, if odor still exists, one more application may be necessary.

Bathroom Odor Removal SolutionOdors that occur in sinks are caused by organic bacteria build up from not removing waste efficiently or running hot water periodically to flush waste down the drain. Once applied, the live enzymes will immediately start eating the bacteria that is creating the odor, and will regenerate every 20 minutes.

The enzymes are non toxic and not harmful to humans and pets.

Effectiveness is not limited to sink, bath tub and laundry sink odors, In fact, 95% of odors created from organic substances in a state of decay will all be removed!