Remove Refridgerator Odors

Remove Refrigerator Odors

Remove Refrigerator OdorsAnti Icky Poo will remove those odors in your refrigerator from rotting milk, food, spoiled vegetables, cheese, mildew and other odors in your refrigerator. This product is not harmful to your family and can be used knowing it is safe and effective. Anti Icky Poo is specially formulated with live enzymes to attack and digest the bacteria that is causing the odor.

Just spray Anti Icky Poo on the surface you are cleaning and wipe off. Even though the product dries, the live enzymes will still live digesting the bacteria.

Anti Icky Poo has so many uses around your home. Example of other uses are, pet and human urine odors, cigarette odors, skunk spray, diaper pails, trash cans, anything that has an odor caused by organic material.