Trash Can Waste Odor Remover

Trash can odor remover

Trash Can Odor RemovalAnti Icky Poo will remove odors from diaper pails, trash cans, dumpsters, waste baskets, trash dispensers and all other waste containers. Anti Icky Poo’s specially formulated live enzyme solution works on contact, just remove any bulky material, generously spray container and let sit. It is not necessary to drain the solution and within minutes the odor starts to dissipate leaving your contain odor free.

Since this product has live enzymes, they live up to 2 days digesting the organic bacteria (which is their food source) even though the solution will dry. This product is non-toxic and is not harmful to the environment, your family and pets. Because enzymes are part of nature, it will not become an issue if poured in sinks or drains.